Rites Of Passage

Shamanic Journeywork & Pilgrimages
To make medicine
of the questions within US

In Search Of Purpose

Each of us is looking for something meaningful…. and the moments of clarity to rest our confidence in. Are you ready to claim the life that could be yours?

Choose Your Path

Feelings of overwhelm and even the smallest inkling of personal crisis are cries for the Sacred. How will you move with awareness towards the deep Self?

Step Into Leadership

Personal mastery is the gift of your devotion to a conscious evolution…the heroic journey from one place to another in your life.  Shall we begin?

Initiation By Separation

Every hero or heroine must bear the hardship of separation from true belonging if they are to be initiated into the medicine of their greatest purpose.
Today, our separations show up as big life transitions, like grief, loss, divorce, or illness. Though they are ultimately designed to untangle us from internal patterns that recycle our suffering, we have not been taught how to navigate them with such embodiment.
Instead of welcoming these experiences as thresholds to necessary rites of passage, we abandon the potential of the wilderness within us for the familiarity of fear and outcomes we can control.

How do we step-off the wheel of suffering and step-in to becoming people who are deeply meaningful to the urgency of these times?

Let’s talk!

How to use transitions for your transformation.

Learn my top 3 tips for moving from paralyzed to powerful, releasing victim-thinking, and embracing your awakened warrior/ess. Bonus shamanic meditation audio track and DIY calming elixir recipe included!

How I can Help

As a healer, spiritual mentor, and transformation specialist,
I am here to help you boldly pursue your light and truly LIVE.

Group Classes

30-day online group programs designed to give you clarity, confidence, and connection.

Global Pilgrimages

Intimate healing pilgrimages to sacred sites where you will find the ultimate personal freedoms.

Private Mentorship

Exclusive custom programs designed to provide you with the ingredients for personal alchemy so you can heal the past and activate your NOW.

“I found a wealth of support from Robyn that far exceeded my immediate needs. She encourages personal balance as well as solid leadership for my career and family. Her communication is clear, compassionate, and professional. I highly recommend this talented, sincere steward of our planet and people everywhere to uplevel your life with grace.”

Michelle Carter

Heartnectar Botanicals

“In a world starved of authentic and grounded leadership, Robyn is a port in the storm. She is a master of holding an abundant space of love and utilizing her broad vision for the benefit of her clients. I recommend working with Robyn for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their spirituality and get powerfully supported on their healing journey.”

Anah Reichenbach

Deep & Light

Hey, I’m Robyn

*Medicine Woman  *Shamanic Healer *Transformation Coach

There is an ancient and necessary heartache living inside all of us. The holy division between our humanity and our spirituality is the space in which we are made, broken, and reclaimed once again. Living with the heartache of this perpetual separation is what draws our souls forward into the conscious creative principle of ‘purpose’. In order to activate this principle we must master the times of transition.

As a shamanic healer, I help you re-establish the trust and Self Mastery you most long for so you can:
* Really BE with your emotions
* Transform your life at will
* Find meaningful work in the world
* Forge healthy relationships
* Make decisions with confidence
* Heal and release ties and traumas from the past

The journeywork we do together shapes the path for your ultimate becoming. When the fear-based rational mind fades into the background and daily choices come from a place of connection and confidence, who you’re BEING and who you ARE have finally merged. You will source your life experiences from a place of bone-deep happiness.

My Approach

I’ll probably fall in love with you (hey, it happens with soul work…) but I’m all about preparing you to leave our nest and fly out into the world in all your brilliance. I believe in your resilience, and I will help you cultivate it through (sometimes a little tough) love and devotion to your personal mastery. I will be your guide (for a little while) and space-holder as you heal and restore yourself to magnificence.

My Process

It’s more like “rituals” than “processes” (because, you know, semantics…) but either way, I work in rhythms. I am deeply steeped in the medicine ways of earth-based spiritualities, and creating simple rituals that provide a rhythm to the Journey of Becoming is the heart of this work. Whether it’s a guided shamanic journey, kitchen alchemy, archetype coaching, or embracing grief…we’ll lean-in to the rhythms.

Unique Framework

I believe in diving deep…in stripping away the illusions that keep us from union with the Divine, and living in the power of our potential. I will challenge you in order for you to experience the LIFE you long for. I will invite you to look honestly at yourself and the things you believe…. to relinquish control and learn to trust the greater wisdom available to you. If that sounds scary – yet also exciting, that’s perfect!. 

When you truly heal, your history becomes
that story that sets you free.

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