Healing Anxiety Kit

5 Rituals and Remedies to Restore Your Mind.

Big life transitions are GREAT ways to start learning about how debilitating anxiety can be (right!?).  But we don’t need to suffer as victims to the whims of worry and overthinking…we don’t need to lose (much-needed) sleep or tax our adrenals more then coffee is already doing.
Learn 5 simple rituals and remedies (including one of my medicine-ways recipes!) you can start using right away to restore your sense of peace, calm and connection.

Intuitive Living Kit

8 Rituals and Remedies To Master Your Intuition.

Tired of doubting all of your decisions, or taking WAY too long to even make a decision because your mind is so chaotic with all of the options and emotions!?!? I get it. Everyone has access to their intuitive sense and, like learning to distinguish fine wine with our noses, intuition can be developed. Here are 8 simple and effective ways to begin to heighten your relationship with your intuition. (including a guided meditation!).