An adventure to awaken your soul…

Camino de Santiago

A healing pilgrimage along the

Portuguese Coastal Route of el Camino…

 September 25, 2020  – October 9, 2020

Live life on purpose

Experience the extraordinary in you

Imagine what becomes possible when you return to the radical simplicity of what it is to be alive, to be so fully YOU!!

When is the last time you unplugged from the chaos and demands of daily life? When was the last time you actually stepped outside of your habits and patterns to really have
AN ADVENTURE and learned something new about yourself?

Well, it’s time to strip down.
Strip away the self-deception, the false identities, and the past stories that you’re living in…but that prevent you from LIVING.
So come, strip it all down and restore your life.

“Go!!!  Just go. Question your life. Meet people. Encounter yourself. You will see.”

Fran Goodwin

Business Coach

For those who are longing

to CREATE a life they BELONG to…


On pilgrimage we are able to unplug from old patterns and feelings that we just can’t seem to shake. The journey brings clarity to the wild within.


Pilgrimage brings a natural rhythm and sync to the body and mind, where they work together for the same outcome:


Pilgrimage answers the ancient spiritual calling to re-member ourselves into the great circle of belonging…where we shape our lives on purpose.


Remember What Matters

Spiritual Enrichment

Walking with awareness, breathing fresh air, practicing various forms of yoga, and spending each day in the ritual of connection with the natural world fills our spiritual cups.

Mental Peace

Pilgrimage dissolves our box of limited thinking, and helps us reestablish the strong guidance of the intuitive voice so we are freed from the cage of the egoic mind.

Vibrant Health

Walking is the time-honored therapy for the body, mind, and soul. Come and loosen your worries, release the stress, drop the pounds, and embrace the most vibrant health you have ever known.


With only 10 spots available, we’ll have the safety and support of an intimate group of others to connect with, learn from
and forge new alliances with. 

Personal Mastery

There is nothing like a ceremonial walking journey to help us see beyond our fragmented pieces into the heart of who we truly are. This is shamanic self-inquiry at it’s finest. 


Traveling by foot not only connects us with the natural world, but also with her cultures, mystery, friendships, cuisine, and languages. Pilgrimage is the outer & inner adventure of a lifetime.

Find  Comfort

Simple Pleasures on the Pilgrimage

Luggage Transport

Focus on the inside

Our journey up the coast of Portugal and into Spain is a devotional adventure to being in deep connection with the earth, our inward journey, and the passage into our greatest potential. So, leave your 50lb travel bag to the  luggage transport service to handle. You’ll need only carry a simple day-pack with snacks, rain-gear and water. When you arrive at the hotel each evening, your bag will be waiting for you.

Soft Beds

Rest deeply

Many pilgrims along the paths to Santiago will stay in group hostels known as albergue’s. While this is a more traditional means of accommodation, I like to bring a bit more comfort to the experience… without taking away from the magic of being on pilgrimage. Our nightly accommodations are European 3* hotels with private bathrooms. You will wake up rested and ready for each day.

Spiritual Guidance

Find Clarity

Unshakeling ourselves from long held patterns and deep-seated grief is not often easily done. Though pilgrimage reduces the influence of information overload, of modern responsibilities, and the weight of heavy thinking… our journey back to wholeness brings questions, doubts and inner-landscapes that we learn to navigate with time and attentive guidance. Having a mentor to hold the mirror for your questions makes all the difference in the world.


What People Are Saying

I found my voice again.

“I was going through a really big transition and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was tired and scared. Somehow, Robyn just tuned in, helped me take it down a notch, helped me see what was going on underneath everything and asked me to just keep walking! So I did, and everything changed for me. I felt my voice and my connection with the world around me again. I was calm and aware. After this experience I have sold $10k packages to my clients and completely transformed my life. Robyn is a light, in fact, I’m convinced she’s not really a human being. She’s so ethereal and yet so VERY grounded.”

Christine Hansen

Sleep Expert

Robyn is indespensible!

“If you want someone who can help you make the warmth and soul of your life come through, Robyn’s magical touch is all you need. She raises the bar on everything she touches.”

Batsheva H. Meiri

Rabbi, CBHT

A Shamanic Journey

I could feel my resistance melting away as she guided us towards a place where we could access our own wisdom and innate guidance. I received valuable insights about who I am in this world and all that’s available to me and by the end of the journey, I was deeply moved to the point of tears. Healing, happy tears of stuck energy that had shifted under Robyn’s masterful and tender presence.

Becky Keen

Business Coach



12 walking days (starting in Portugal and walking into Santiago, Spain)
1 rest day in the city of Baiona
Breakfasts and Dinners (minus one evening in Baiona where you can explore for your favorite meal)
Luggage Transport so you are free to walk more easfully (but still have comforts available)
Hotel Accommodation  with private or double rooms and private bathroom
Upgraded Closing Circle (we conclude with a 4* hotel and traditional Spanish dinner in Santiago)
Spiritual Coaching and personal support as you unravel yourself from the noise of your life
Daily Guidance for yoga, journaling, photography, meditations, and rituals for connecting to CLARITY

Ready for BECOMING your greatness?

If you’ve had enough of shallow spiritual propaganda and empty experiences that leave you wanting more, if you want to lead a life that’s intimately connected to your wild edges, then schedule a call to apply for the Pilgrimage. Let’s fulfill those long-held desires and light up your soul!