2020 Portuguese Coastal Pilgrimage - Itinerary

"It's the journey that teaches you about your destination." -Drake

El Camino de Santiago – Portuguese Coastal Route

For almost two weeks we will walk the ancient and sacred route known as el Camino de Santiago. We’ll begin along the coast of Portugal and make our way gently inland near the border of Spain, on our way to Galicia and arriving at our final destinatly, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This route was developed by the many pilgrims who came by ship to the Portuguese shore…seeking a personal experience to connect with the light of love and forgiveness.

In the Middle Ages, Santiago was a spiritual beacon for the world, a place where the remains of Jesus’s apostle, St. James (elder), were buried….and where the journey (pilgrimage) to his tomb was an act of ridding oneself of sins.
Pilgrims, Kings & Queens, artists and traders came from all over the world to walk the (then) dangerous paths to the Cathedral. A whole world of stories, myths, and tales was born over and over again throughout the centuries. New paths were forged and every person contributed in some way to the creation of The (Pilgrim’s) Way.

Although the Camino is predominantly affiliated with a Christian spirituality, there is evidence of pre-Christian routes. Today, The Way calls to many people from all over the world, from all faiths, (or no faith at all) for various reasons (or no reason at all), and provides a wide variety of experiences – one of the most popular being, “it has forever changed me and the way I see life.” The Camino is a symbol of grace, hope, renewal, connection, release, friendship, and love.

There are many routes to Santiago, all of which are identified by scallop-shaped trail markers. Each albergue (pilgrim house/hostel), church, and entry-stepping stones display the scallop shell to point the way to the Cathedral. Pilgrims will often carry a shell with them as an emblem of the journey they are making, and they can receive scallop stamps in their pilgrim passport along the way to mark their rite of passage.

Trip Dates

Arrive in Oporto, Portugal Saturday, Sept. 20, 2020
Begin walking Sunday, September 21, 2020
Arrive in Santiago, Spain on Friday, October 2, 2020

Trip Fees

Early Bird Pricing: Valid through June 05, 2020 – $2,799*
Regular trip price: – $3,500*
Non-refundable deposit** of $850 to hold your spot.
Program must be paid in full by July 15, 2020
* additional fee of $550 for private room requests
**If for some reason you need to cancel (before July 15th), we will return your deposit (minus administration fees) if we are able to enroll another Pilgrim in your place.

What’s Included?

-13 nights of accommodation
-12 walking days
-1 rest day in Baiona
-2 meals a day* (breakfast and dinner)
-Luggage porter service (one 44lb bag pp)
-Pre-pilgrimage prep-support (via private FB group)
-Packing Lists
-Curated experience with spiritual director and healer
-City room taxes
-An adventure of a lifetime
*(This excludes 1 dinner when you’ll have time to feast in the town of Baiona)

What’s Not Included?

Dinner in Baiona (1 night only)
Daily lunches
Travel Insurance (required)

The Group

There is a maximum number of 10 Pilgrims for this journey. This intimate group is open to all genders, races, religious faiths, cultural backgrounds, and ages (18 and up). Each individual will use the same application process and evaluation call with me to assure confidence in the spiritual, physical, and emotional alignment for all.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Who is this pilgrimage for?

For people who need to slow down, nourish their spiritual/emotional/physical selves, unplug from the PUSH and RUSH of modern life, recharge personal batteries, remember who they really are and what matters most. This trip is for seekers and lovers of spiritual principles, the natural world, and personal alchemy…it is for those who love the ocean, the rivers, and the hills of foreign lands, for courageous souls who want to experience travel within a safe and intimate group of others who prioritize an open heart and spiritually rich connections.

How much walking is involved?

The Portuguese Costal Route is about 163 miles long (263 km), though we have a little bit of a head-start by beginning our walk in Povoa de Varzim. We’ll be walking anywhere from about 10 – 18 miles each day. There will be time to stop for lunch and to take other necessary breaks as needed. There is no NEED to stay together as a group of 10 through the day. Each pilgrim is welcome to find their own pace and space that works for them. Most of the journey is relatively flat but there are some areas with mild climbs and descents.

Here’s an example of the walking itinerary:

What are the accommodations like?

We will be staying in standard local hotels along our route. Each Pilgrim will share a cozy and clean double room (single rooms available upon request for an additional fee) with a private shared bathroom.
* Once we arrive in Santiago we will enjoy a bit more luxury in 4-star hotel in city-central 🙂

What will the food be like?

Standard fare along The Way includes baguettes, cheese, meats, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, chocolate, pastries, yogurt, wine, juice and coffee. Since we will be walking along the coast quite a bit, there will also be seafood treasures. Dinners will usually be heavier than lunches and will offer more variety (like soups and salads).
We will not necessarily make a long stop for lunch (it’s up to you, really), and there may not be an actual restaurant to dine in at lunchtime (though most days there will be). Some days will be picnic lunching n’ munching with snacks packed that morning or procured along the way.
If you have food allergies or sensitivities please let me know ahead of time so arrangements can be made (if possible) with our dinner/breakfast lodging place each night. For those of you with special dietary needs (myself included) it is always wise to bring along some essential items to supplement with. (nut-butter singles, protein bars, superfood bars, etc) Having said that, keep in mind that Spain does not use GMO seeds nor does it allow the use of glyphosate on it’s crops. People with wheat sensitivity often fare quite well with the wheat products in Spain. Still…listen to your body and do what’s best for you.

Why aren’t lunches included?

Part of being a pilgrim is being on an adventure, making friends of strangers, and listening to the guidance that shows up along the way. The Camino has a serendipitous way of bringing magic and mystery to us in all the right ways. Your lunch-adventure is a rich part of the experience as a pilgrim. You will find wonderful people, delicious local shops, quaint restaurants, cobbled streets, unique markets, and other such treasures each day. Finding a simple lunch or series of snacks will be joyful and affordable (average $5 – $10 a day, depending on how you like to roll!)

Do I need to be really fit for this?

Walking the Camino is suitable for anyone in reasonably good shape. Though it is not a necessity, many find it helps to begin preparing your body about 60 days before we begin (which you’ll have help and support with in the private Facebook group) with some hiking, yoga, stretching and strength building…..but even with that, everyone is sore for the first few days. Your body adjusts quite quickly to the rhythm of walking-days and before you know it you won’t want to stop!

What is luggage porter service?

Truth: It’s a luxury. In an effort to keep our attention on the inner journey, you will only need to carry a simple pack each day with a light change of clothes for inclement weather, some snacks, water, and bandages for blisters (‘cuz, ya know you’re gonna get ’em!). Your heavier bag (44lbs max) with all of your extra clothes and necessities will be transported via shuttle service from hotel to hotel each day.

What’s the private FB group for?

Our group will be all signed up about two months before the Pilgrimage begins. The FB group provides an opportunity to get to know each other, to ask more questions, and to share in any preparation rituals together. I will also be in there getting to know each of you better, and sharing resources, tips, exercises, and custom messages to help you engage with your excitement, fears, courage-quests, personal processes, and wild adventure of it all.

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and you will need to be prepared. You will want full medical coverage for your trip, as well as evacuation and trip interruptions. Make sure that you are covered for any illness or injury…including trip curtailment. If you currently have health/medical coverage in your home country, speak with them about what coverage, if any, you’ll have on the trip and what you will need to add to amend. Insurance companies are all different (make sure you read the fine print carefully!) and I do not know them personally so I can not recommend one over another.
Here are a few places to start looking:

AIG – Travel Guard
World Nomads
Insure My Trip

What can I expect to feel during the trip?

It’s different for everyone, but many pilgrims say that they feel more connected to their lives, their souls, and their bodies then ever before. Pilgrims work through different needs of healing, processing grief, releasing unhealthy habits, etc. Others begin visualizing futures they had never before imagined. Ultimately, pilgrims often experience a transformation of their past that ushers them into a renewed sense of presence to their lives. Walking the Camino is a great beginning, an honored ending, a powerful middle…it’s whatever you need it to be – and so much more.

Begin the adventure today

Come! Reinvigorate your life by walking in the shoes of the pilgrim and opening yourself to world.

If you are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, to join a group of others in REAL LIFE and shed the skin that’s holding you back, then book a call today and let’s begin!


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