The Journey Of Becoming

A Private Mentorship


Embody the powerful personal leadership necessary to move your life forward confidently….and aligned with your core beliefs and values.
Master and amplify any change, impact, or inspired action you desire…
working from the INSIDE out.

Be Courageous

Fear is meant to motivate us, not paralyze us. Learn to use the voice of fear as a source for the courage you crave.

Be Powerful

Your life is about YOU.
Stop looking outside yourself for validation and answers. Call back your soul and LEAD.

Be Connected

Relationships are everything. Encounter the love, forgiveness, and freedom within the sacred combat of your most treasured relationships. 

Be Good Medicine

When we are connected with our inner-compass and showing-up for life with our hearts (not our heads) leading the way, we are the medicine for these times.

I’ll dish the encouraging tough-love nudge, because

c’mon…you know you need it

Your hero’s journey is calling you forward,
to belong once again to your soul,
to your life.
It is time for your greatest rite of passage…
for you to use the grief,
fear, self-doubt, and sense of overwhelm
as the way IN to yourself.

You know the ANSWER is inside of you,
and you’re ready.
Ready to peel back the layers of suffering
and look honestly at everything,
and the way you’re experiencing it all.

So let’s begin
(seriously, if not now, then when?)

Here’s what we’ll do:

Unstuck Your Patterns

In order to move from paralyzed to powerful, we’ll uncover the roots of the limiting beliefs that keep you repeating hurtful habits.

Archetypal Identities

When stress and anxiety have a hold on us, the person we’re being isn’t connected to accurate interpretations of reality. Our journeywork together will get you crystal CLEAR!

Develop Your Intuition

Leading the meaningful life you crave comes from the innate intelligence within. I’ll help you learn how to tap in to this guidance consistently.

Shamanic Healing

The root of our suffering is a disconnection from love, from the true source of life and the support available to us always. So, let’s get you reconnected.

My Coaching Style

My approach to spiritual coaching and traditional healing is accessed through  easy-to-understand principles and practices, delivered in a candid, no BS kinda way.

My mojo is in shamanic traditions – translating the earth /body /spirit connection – and knowing how to skillfully guide you through the madness of illusion in order to find the light of your truth…the liberation from your stories.

I work with men and women of courage who are willing to surrender grips of control in order to master their soul’s journey…and heal through the hard parts for the ultimate Journey Of Becoming whole again.


Let’s Begin

6, 10, and 12 Week Private Mentoring Programs

Initial deep-dive call (90 mins)
60 minute calls (1 per week)
Weekly email and voxer communication
Resources and materials to support your journey
* VIP upgrade option available

Programs start at


More Details

You will experience:
* Personal Support
* The release of anxiety & fears
* Strengthened sense of intuition
* Healthy boundaries
* Shamanic journeywork
* Inner Clarity & Purpose
* Confidence and Self-Esteem
* Restored HEALTH
* Deeply connected relationships
* Sensuality

I will walk with you as you learn to listen to your intuition, trust your voice, and heal the wounds that keep you in the shadows. You belong in YOUR LIGHT….let’s get you there.
$599 initial payment to secure your spot
Monthly payment plans available
VIP upgrade includes:
1 more deep dive (2 hour) session per program. (good if you need more help through areas of confusion)
Surprise BONUS materials
Customized goodie bag for your journey!

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